Some of the blogs I follow…

I have been reading a lot lately – driven by my blog idea. During my reading journey, I have come across many  beautiful blogs which have transformed me into a better person and still helping me to understand the true meaning of life and  my own existence. Here I want to list down some of them which have become food for soul in my daily life and I don’t go a day without visiting them atleast once.

  1. Bemorewithless – I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this blog but immediately after visiting it, I was introduced to the new idea of  living with less and becoming more which really fascinated me. Courtney’s journey from a stressful to meaningful life after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis was thought provoking. I felt an urgency to make some immediate changes in my life which I did  later on gradually. Her approach and words help me to understand what I am doing wrong and what I can do to have my much wanted peace of mind. Visit blog here.
  2. Becoming Minimalist :This blog was started by Joshua Becker to pen down his journey towards minimalism which was introduced to him by his neighbor one fine day. His blog has helped me sustain a clutter free zone of my ownself and my surroundings and is an constant inspiration for simplifying my life. Visit blog here.
  3. Theartofsimple: This blog is owned by Tsh and her wonderful friends who write about their parenthood experiences alongside living simply. I have been fond of all the women over there as after reading their each blog I feel like one step closer to being a better women. Its like gaining strength and maturity from their words and leaving the childish girl in me behind bit by bit.Visit blog here.
  4. Momastery: I recently came across this blog and I cant keep my hands eyes off from it. It has large number of posts and after reading one or two I started reading it back from the very first post published and still traversing back to the latest ones. It feels like I have found some hidden treasure which I can cherish daily and slowly. Visit blog here.

I hope some of you may find their pieces of distracted souls through these wonderful people’s words.


More of a Reader than a Writer…

Initial days of my blog and i have to admit its hard to maintain my reading pace with writing.. i read so much and then i want to write about that immediately and then the previous incomplete draft remains a draft. I have currently three drafts which needs my attention to get published on this blog.. But it is more hard than i imagined..Either i need to decrease my reading speed or to improve my writing. Both seems to be tough… This is one of the post which doesn’t fit into the context of my whole blog of #JUSTREADTHAT, But it will always be my first post as soon as i push the publish button only because i wasn’t able to push publish buttons for my more contextual drafts..Here it goes…Enjoy Reading.